Help! My Pastor Is A Jerk

angryI KNOW, I KNOW — it’s not nice to call anyone a jerk.  Second, I am not writing this article with any one person in mind.  I’ve had great pastors in my career of almost 30 years. Lastly, I realize that ALL of us can have jerk tendencies.  Yes, all of us! However, for the sake of many people who are in rough situations, especially many worship pastors, we have to face the fact that sometimes even our pastors can be a…well, you know what I mean.  Help!! (more…)

What Does Worship Pastor John Larson Say About SUCCESS — congregation of 35,000 and growing

If you could get behind the curtain — so to speak — of one of the fastest growing churches in America, what would you see?  What is the key to their success?

 I personally love to study churches, to see what lies behind their success or lack of success.  I have been a worship pastor and very passionate about worship for a couple of decades.  I have led crowds of a few to crowds of thousands.  But in the last couple of years, I have been making a transition from being a ”player” to being a “coach”.  Eventually all of us should, at some level, make this transition.  It’s God’s design. Look at any team:  the coach may not be able to play as well as the players (sports, music, debate — any team), yet the coach is still crucial to the success or failure of the program.  The coach sees things that the players never can.  They are the ones that will lead the players to victory or defeat. 

 As a coach, I love seeing those who have “done well”; as a worship leader, I also love seeing worshippers who have done well.  And, of course, I want to know why.

417431_10150587796521871_118629768_nRecently, I was at a conference at one of the largest churches in America: Church of the Highlands, in Birmingham, AL.  To be honest, I didn’t even want to be at the conference.  Read the rest of this entry

Genesis Worship Academy


OUR GOAL IS SIMPLE:  to help your child discover the creative ability that God has put into ALL of us…and to direct that ability to the local worship stage.  We offer more than a music, dance or art class; instead, we work on stage development, worship arts and instruction, dramatic and arts creativity, and more.

Check it out @

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us @ 205.207.8776 Read the rest of this entry

What is the BIG SIN of the modern day worship movement?

What are YOUR thoughts?  Agree or disagree?  Is there anything we can do about it…or are we stuck, because it’s what the audience expects?

Does God Care If I Want To Be Famous?

What’s your thoughts — Does God care? Or is this just a selfish desire of our American Culture?

Stan has signed with the Smith Media Group

We are excited and honored to announce that Stan Sheridan has just signed with the Smith Media Group, management company…alongside famed artists and speakers such as Alvin Slaughter, Steve Hill, Vicki Yohe…and many more!

For more information and booking:

Why EVERY Pastor Should Purchase Their Worship Leader An iPad

I remember when the famous iPad was going to be released.  It was the big topic with me and my Mac buddies.  We couldn’t wait!  Of course, none of us could afford it, but it was still fun to dream of the day when we could.

However, knowing I couldn’t really afford or justify the purchase, I bought it anyway (with my wife’s consent, of course).  I knew I could always return it within 30 days, only paying the 10% re-stocking fee (it  would be worth $50 to have it for a month, at least).

You’ve already guessed it:  I never did return that machine.  I’m typing this post with it now.  I love it!  And I must say, every worship leader should own one.  However, since pastors always make more money than worship leaders, I suggest that they be the ones to bless their loyal side-kicks.  WHY?

1.  An iPad is so convenient.  Not the best reason, I know, but it’s so handy on a Tuesday night practice, for example, to pull out the iPad to download a quick song for the band, or even watch a YouTube version of the same selection.  It’s so convenient to have the Internet, your emailing files, YouTube, any song chart of your dreams…and about anything else to help you become a better worship leader at your fingertips.

2.  An iPad is perfect for a Read the rest of this entry


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